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Our 60-Day Soccer Mindset Challenge is the digital key to unlocking a peak performance soccer mindset. It’s the simple way to boost young player’s performance and mental wellbeing, both on and off the pitch.

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  • St. Croix
  • Valencia
  • United Soccer Coaches
  • Pro Football Training
  • Minnesota Youth Soccer Academy
  • Irish F.A.

How The Challenge Works

The Soccer Mindset Challenge breaks down the 10 key mindset skills of a peak performance mindset into easy-to-digest daily workouts and exercises that can be followed by players ages 10 and up.

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What’s Included

60 days of daily workouts which combine fun and engaging videos, thought-provoking quizzes and powerful audio exercises together to build positive habits that reduce a player’s performance anxiety and boosts their confidence

Daily Workouts

Complete short daily mindset workouts based to improve mental performance on and off the pitch.

Track Progress

Players track their progress in a private journal to increase habit formation and positive association while learning.

Earn Awards

Earn trophies by completing learning objectives, boosting engagement and encouraging competition between players.

Team Membership

When players join as a team they get access to a private team area as well as tools for coaches to manage players.

Analytics For Team Coaches

Coaches can track their players’ progress and activity using special analytical tools and statistics.

Team Discussion Forums

Each team has a private forum so that team members can discuss their progress and support one another.

Club Domain & Branding

Club members access our daily mindset workouts in a private portal using the club’s logo and colors.

Add & Manage Players

Clubs can add unlimited players and track their progress using advanced analytical tools and statistics.

Setup Unlimited Teams

Setup your club's teams inside your private portal for your players to join and interact within.

Challenge Programs

The Soccer Mindset Challenge is made up of 11 programs that cover the 10 key mindset skills have been identified by elite sport psychologists as critical for developing a peak performance mindset.

  • Imagination

    Games are won and lost in a players mind. In our Language program, players will discover the tools to help improve reaction speed and decision making when under pressure.

  • Language

    The voice inside your head is responsible for 99% of poor decisions. In our Language program, players will learn to silence this voice to perform consistently better under pressure.

  • Belief

    Create unshakeable belief in your ability to increase the likelihood to achieve your goals. In our Belief program, players will discover how to strengthen their belief.

  • Goal Setting

    In our Goal Setting program, players will set themselves up for rapid growth and positive mental responses by learning the art of goal setting.

  • Mental Rehearsal

    The unconscious mind can not distinguish between imagination and real life. In our Mental Rehearsal program, players learn visualization methods to improve form and accuracy.

  • Emotional Balance

    Emotions override logic. In our Emotional Balance program, players learn the tools to control his or her emotions and increase their ability to remain calm and composed.

  • Confidence

    Confidence skills provide a solid foundation for a winning game. In our Confidence program, players will develop maturity and character on and off the pitch.

  • Motivation

    Positive habits enhance a players ability to perform at their best consistently. In our Motivation program, players will learn the how to make habitual new positive behaviors.

  • Physiology

    You may think physiology doesn’t belong in a mindset program. In our Physiology program, players will learn how their physiology can impact their mindset and transform a game.

  • Skill Learning

    In our Skill Learning program, players will learn how to increase their chances of learning and mastering a new skill, such as penalty, corner or free kick taking.

  • The Zone

    Every athlete or individual at the top of their game can remember a time when they’ve been in the zone – unstoppable. In The Zone program, players learn how to enter ‘their zone’.


  • “Soccer Mindset Academy provides some of the clearest and most relevant content in the mindset and mental performance that I have seen. Most coaches and players agree on the importance of the mental side of the game and that they do not work on it enough. SMA provides those coaches and players, as well as parents, the training tools they need.”

    Ian Barker
    Director of Coaching, United Soccer Coaches
  • “Soccer Mindset is a tool that empowers a player to access practical exercises to enhance their ownership of their personal performance in a systematic platform. This tool can have profound impacts on a player’s performance.”

    Steve Freeman
    Director of Programming, Black Watch Premiere
  • “Soccer Mindset Academy is an extremely effective educator tool for every coach out there who is looking to gain easy to understand and practical help to use specific Sport Psychology concepts with there own team. I even recommend it to parents of players and soccer players themselves. Soccer Mindset Academy has my highest endorsement.”

    Steffen Siebert
    United Soccer Coach
  • “SMA is reshaping soccer coaching thinking by providing engaging, meaningful, practical exercises to enhance every player’s personal mental performance and production.”

    Barry Gorman
    Former President, United Soccer Coaches
  • “I was so intrigued I committed my college team to participate in the 60-day program beginning in preseason. It has been a smashing success. My 12 year old son, a DA player, is also loving it.”

    J .B. Belzer
    Women's Soccer Coach

Our Mission

Our goal at Soccer Mindset Academy is to help 1,000,000 players realize their potential by 2021.

By following the programs, young players can create life-long habits that improve imagination, belief, emotional balance, confidence and motivation so they can think like a champion and play like a professional.

SMA is endorsed by US soccer coaching legends like Barry Gorman and Ian Barker and is the official mindset education provider for the United Soccer Coaches - the largest coaching organization in the world.

With a global, local network of ambassadors, advocates and distributors SMA is currently available at a Club and Organization level across the USA, UK and Australia with additional countries coming on board all the time.