Mental Skills Training for Young Soccer Players

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Mindset Mastery in just 10 Minutes day

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  • Irish F.A.
  • US Club Soccer
  • P1
  • USL
  • ID2
  • St. Croix
  • Valencia
  • United Soccer Coaches
  • Pro Football Training
  • Minnesota Youth Soccer Academy

Daily Mental Skills Training That Sticks

Build a peak performance mindset in less than 10 minutes a day with easy bite-size videos, audios, games and activities that...






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Challenge Yourself, Master Your Mindset

Use our challenges to learn to tap into your mental skills. Pro players think effectively, motivate themselves, feel confident, let go of negative emotions, work towards their goals and use the ‘Zone’ to perform at their very best.

  • 1

    10 days to DISCOVER

    Explore your own mindset and find out why it matters, on and off the field. Discover…

    • What a peak performance mindset looks like
    • Where mental skills fit into the four areas of soccer success
    • 5 player attributes of a peak performance mindset
    • 10 key Mindset Skills you need to succeed
  • 2

    60 days to GO PRO

    Master your mental skills and perform at your peak. Learn…

    • The 10 Key Mindset Skills that make up the Mindform MVP Method ™
    • How using mental skills is a recipe for success in soccer and in life
    • The same tools and techniques used by pro players
    • How to think like a champion and play like a pro

Membership Benefits

It’s not just players who benefit from our super accessible mental skills training...

  • 24/7 Online access any time, anywhere
  • Improved chance of making it to college or professional stage
  • Certificates of completion for your resume
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Deal with errors and losses more easily
  • Overcome frustrations more quickly
  • Build positive new habits
  • Boost your focus and confidence
  • Optimise your performance - on and off the field!
  • See your children reconnect with their love for the game
  • Watch them better overcome adversity and handle disappointment
  • Watch them be less hard on themselves
  • Watch their stress and anxiety levels reduce
  • Watch them become more confident and focused
  • Improves their chances of making it to the college or professional stage
  • Full parents guide so you can follow along
  • Certificates of completion for their resume
  • Easy access added value for memberships
  • Ready made mental skills training curriculum
  • Special coach access and guide available for all materials
  • Improves mental well being and retention among players
  • Develops more confident, focused players on and off the field
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, reconnects players to their love for the game
  • Boosts confidence, focus and mental resilience
  • Zero impact on busy coach schedules
  • Super flexible partnership options with done-for-you rollout plan
  • “Soccer Mindset Academy provides some of the clearest and most relevant content in the mindset and mental performance that I have seen. Most coaches and players agree on the importance of the mental side of the game and that they do not work on it enough. SMA provides those coaches and players, as well as parents, the training tools they need.”

    Ian Barker
    Director of Coaching, United Soccer Coaches
  • “Soccer Mindset is a tool that empowers a player to access practical exercises to enhance their ownership of their personal performance in a systematic platform. This tool can have profound impacts on a player’s performance.”

    Steve Freeman
    Director of Programming, Black Watch Premiere
  • “Soccer Mindset Academy is an extremely effective educator tool for every coach out there who is looking to gain easy to understand and practical help to use specific Sport Psychology concepts with there own team. I even recommend it to parents of players and soccer players themselves. Soccer Mindset Academy has my highest endorsement.”

    Steffen Siebert
    United Soccer Coach
  • “SMA is reshaping soccer coaching thinking by providing engaging, meaningful, practical exercises to enhance every player’s personal mental performance and production.”

    Barry Gorman
    Former President, United Soccer Coaches
  • “I was so intrigued I committed my college team to participate in the 60-day program beginning in preseason. It has been a smashing success. My 12 year old son, a DA player, is also loving it.”

    J .B. Belzer
    Women's Soccer Coach
  • SMA is helping me find ways to be more confident and prepared for certain game situations. It’s made me realize the importance of emotional stability and goal setting.

    Rayna Barrett
    2003, Lakes United FC
  • I love SMA so far! It has taught me so many different things about the game that will help me on and off the field. Like how to stay motivated, how to get prepared for a game, how to use my imagination during the game and way more.

    Ava Fienup
    2007, Lakes United FC

Our Vision

To Protect and Grow The Game, One Mind At a Time

Our mission is to Help 1,000,000 Soccer Players Realize Their Potential On and Off The Field by The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

So we use sport psychology and science to address the fourth pillar of player development: the psychological/psycho-social pillar, which directly impacts player development, confidence, resilience and interactions with others so players can perform consistently better in high pressure situations.

Endorsed by a host of US Soccer organisations including United Soccer Coaches, US Youth Soccer, United Soccer League, US Club Soccer, MYSA, GotSoccer and the Irish FA, we are passionate about helping players, parents and coaches from grassroots to elite clubs to provide their players with the mental skills they need to realise their potential and shine on and off the field.